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9:00AM to 1:00PM


4 hours



Discover the beauty and rich history of Muaupoko, the Otago Peninsula, through a unique cultural lens.

Take a journey with us to uncover how the early  Māori and European settlers to this land lived and thrived.


Māori, are of Polynesian decent, a sea faring people who travelled to Aotearoa, New Zealand, many centuries ago.  Take a half day journey with Horizon Tours and let our guides tell you stories of those voyages, and how these resourceful settlers thrived in new lands surrounded by unfamiliar flora and fauna.
Explore the Otago Peninsula and discover some of the iconic sights of interest as we drive along scenic coastal roads.  Learn how early Māori lived, their customs and traditions. Hear how they interacted with European settlers, and how the two cultures created the landscape you see today. 
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