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The Horizon Tours logo has the graduated colour scheme from green to blue to reflect the connection between the sea, landscape and the sky.

The two tree silhouettes are horoeka, or lancewood a unique small tree that has a distinctive juvenile stage with long spear-like leaves that changes dramatically into wider and greener leaves when the plant reaches a height of between 2-3 metres. It is believed that this is an adaptation to life in the New Zealand forest, shared with giant (but now extinct) birds called the Moa. The purplish-black fruits are an important food source for many native bird species because they ripen over the cooler months of the year, providing a food source over winter.

The bird silhouette is a tītī, or sooty shearwater. They are a common seabird of Southern New Zealand, breeding in millions on Islands south of New Zealand's main Islands during our summer. A traditional food source, the young are harvested at traditional sites around Stewart Island by descendants of Rakiura Māori. In Autumn these birds migrate well over the horizon, they go up into the North Pacific Ocean to feed before returning to New Zealand in the following spring. They can be seen along the Dunedin coastline at this time.

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