Phenomenal Experience

An absolutely stunning evening filled with natural and human history, cultural stories and songs, amazing scenery, and a beautiful night sky view to top it all off. Kylie, Lyndon and James were phenomenal guides and were so incredibly knowledgeable … The view and sunset from Sandfly Bay was breath taking, and after a few minutes of clouds blocking the sky, Kylie began to sing. As if on cue, the clouds rolled past and revealed the most stars I had ever seen, as well as the arm of our home galaxy. I had never seen the Milky Way before, so this experience was purely magical to me. Only to add to the experience, we saw four meteors/shooting stars during our watch time! I found myself staring upwards even as we were loading up to leave, not wanting to take my eyes off the sky.

tonysiebenmorgan - January 2019

Gorgeous, spectacular - I had an amazing time! Sitting under the clear night sky while drinking Kawakawa tea, eating yummy snacks, and listening to the talk about the stars was extremely captivating!

Neah J – March 2019

An incredible night under the stars - This tour was an amazing experience and a great way to not only see amazing constellations away from the city but to also learn about Māori culture. I would highly recommend this tour if you enjoy good company and amazing view!

Travel Leathers - July2019

A truly heavenly experience. Listening to the ancestral stories of their Maori heritage and even a beautiful song sung as it would have been in the past. Captivating.

Robert B - Dunedin – June2019