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Dunedin Railway Station


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3-4 hours (approx)


$115 (Adults)

$55 (Child 5-17yrs)

A tour that "cruise" the city of Dunedin. Sit back and relax as we introduce you to Dunedin and its iconic buildings and landmarks.
Pick up is from Port Chalmers which is about 12kms (7.5miles) from the centre of Dunedin City. Enroute to the city we'll see New Zealand's steepest street, Baldwin Street, Dunedin's covered Sports Stadium and the Otago University campus all residing in the city's northern area,
After stretching the legs at Baldwin Street we make our way towards the city centre to learn more about the city's history and view some of Dunedin's iconic landmarks including the Railway Station, Law Court House, First Church and other historic buildings near the Octagon. ​From here, two options could be possible.
The first option and the expected normal option is we return to Port Chalmers at the end of this tour. 
The second option is, you could have some free time to explore the city on your own even do a spot of shopping or enjoy a delicious coffee while taking in the city vibe. Conditions do apply. Please read below.
Tour highlights
  • Learn about Dunedin's History.
  • See the iconic city sights (Baldwin Street, Railway Station, First Church, the Octagon's heritage buildings).
  • Our stop at Baldwin Street can include a walk to the top for those that wish to take on this challenge.
  • University Otago campus.
  • *Possible Free time. After this tour you could have free time to further explore the city at your leisure. Please note you will need to find your own way back to Port Chalmers. Read more below.
  • Transport back to Port Chalmers immediately after the tour.
If your Cruise ship arrival and departure times change, we'll also adjust our tour times accordingly.
MUST READ - exploring Dunedin City on your own
With our Cruise Dunedin tours, visitors may have the chance to explore the city on their own. maybe look around the retail stores in the city or enjoy a coffee at one of our many cafes. The amount of free time will depend on your ship's departure time and the time passengers are required to be back on board.

If, after our tour, you wish to explore the city on your own please note you will need to find your own way back to Port Chalmers and your cruise ship.

The city runs regular shuttles between Port Chalmers and the city centre at an indicative cost of between NZD$10-$15 one way. 
Dunedin also has plenty of taxi's or cabs available for hire. The indicative cost from the city centre to Port Chalmers is approximately NZD$60-$70.

Travel time between these two locations, on a normal unimpeded day, is approximately 20 minutes. Always give yourself extra time when returning to your cruise ship.

We can certainly advise passengers about the City's shuttle and taxi service and drive time on the day.

For those who do not wish to explore the city on their own, we'll be returning to Port Chalmers immediately after the tour.
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